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Permanent and temporary recruitment trends for 2018


As 2017 draws to a close, it is time to look toward the New Year and what it could bring for the recruitment sector. So, what will 2018 bring for clients, candidates and recruiters alike?

Flexible working

The past few years has seen a significant increase in the number of candidates looking for flexible roles and we expect this to rise substantially in the coming 12 months. Of course, here at Flex Recruitment, we have been working with flexible roles for many years now, therefore we are in a fantastic position to find candidates for roles of this nature. The increased popularity of remote working can be attributed to trends in flexible working, as technology is now allowing employees to essentially set up their working station anywhere, anytime.

New ways of attracting candidates

Ways in which to attract new talent have grown significantly in the past two decades, as social media and better access to online platforms have become essential aspects to the recruitment process. However, in 2018 we expect to see the recruitment tactic of gamification to expand. Gamification is the concept of applying gaming principles into non-gaming environments, such as recruitment. A number of businesses have already tried their hand at gamification in attracting new candidates.  Marriott Hotels developed the ‘My Marriott Hotel’ game that allowed people to run their own virtual hotel, attracting and screening candidates at the same time. The UK government also developed a game that asked candidates to crack a code in order to proceed to the next stages.

Highly skilled temporary jobs on the rise

A significant skills gap is threatening the UK business world, due to the fact that there will soon be many more jobs for highly skilled workers than there are actual highly skilled workers to fill each role. Employers will need to begin tackling this issue, and as a result it is likely that we will see more employers offering highly skilled temporary positions in an effort to find the ideal candidates.

Gig economy

Gig economy came to prominence in 2017 and has since been the topic of a lot of debate with regards to its impact on the UK economy, whether in a positive or negative way. Due to the popularity of handing out work in bits and pieces, we expect more businesses to begin offering further short term contracts or freelance contracts to staff in 2018. However, how this will affect UK businesses remains to be seen.

In analysing potential trends for the upcoming year, we are better able to inform our clients and provide the most effective service, so that both candidates and businesses yield the benefits of an effective recruitment solutions. Contact Flex Recruitment to ensure your business attracts the ideal candidates in 2018.