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10 signs it’s time to use a recruitment agency


Many clients that we work with had previously trialled in-house recruitment, assigning certain members of staff the designated title of ‘recruiter’ without any real experience in implementing an effective recruitment strategy. Eight out of ten businesses that we have spoken to stated that they had come across issues right from the get go when implementing a strategy.

Here we have compiled some of the top signs that your business should engage an agency for your recruitment requirements.

  1. You aren’t sure who the ideal candidate is

When recruiting it is vital that you establish at the outset who it is you are looking for, this will include their skills, the desired experience and their personality. This forms the basis of your job description and will ultimately attract the right candidates. Recruiters are experts in helping businesses to identify these characteristics.

  1. You aren’t sure what salary to offer your candidate

It can be tricky to determine a salary, you want it to be competitive but also not provide a salary than is well above industry expectations. Recruiters have significant knowledge of industry trends and the status of salaries within a particular role and will be able to recommend a salary as well as provide advice on negotiation.

  1. You’re recruiting for more than one role

   Recruiting takes a great deal of time even for just one role, therefore you can imagine the amount of valuable time you will have to take out of your working day to dedicate to recruiting for two or more. This is the place in which recruiters thrive, as they not only have the resources to recruit for multiple roles but to do this at the same time if necessary.

  1. You have hired the wrong person in the past

It is a great disappointment when businesses have taken the time and effort to recruit for a person, only to have the candidate not work out for any number of reasons. Experienced recruiters are adept at identifying those signs that a candidate may not be the ideal person for the role and eliminating them for the recruitment process early on, subsequently increasing the chance that you will hire the ideal choice. 

  1. You don’t know where to advertise the role

Knowing where to place a job advertisement does entail a bit of thought into the role and the type of candidate you are looking for, both of which will determine where it should go. Not only will a recruiter have a website that is continually searched by potential candidates, but they will also recommend the ideal locations for ad placement, this could be on social media, an online jobs board or in the window of a recruitment office. 

  1. Your advert isn’t attracting candidates

There could be any number of reasons why candidates are not applying for a job role you have advertised. It may be that, as mentioned above, the advert is in the wrong place to attract the right applicants, your job description may need amending amongst countless other reasons. Agencies tackle this issue by proactively assessing the recruitment process at each stage and adapting it, so that it ultimately means that you have a great selection of candidates to choose from.

  1. You struggle to find time for interviews and shortlisting

As mentioned earlier, it can take up significant amounts of time to assess applications, sit down with candidates for interviews and make time to review and shortlist applicants. When using a recruitment company, however much of the process is handled and therefore you are provided with a concentrated selection of only the best candidates to review. 

  1. The recruitment process is taking too long

One of the main issues that businesses face when trying to recruit in-house is that the process is not streamlined. Each step must be scheduled in accordance with the working responsibilities of team members, which will ultimately take much longer than it needs to. Using a recruitment company streamlines this process, making the turnaround from initial job description to your candidate starting their role much faster. 

  1. You have had negative feedback from candidates in the past

It is an employer’s worst nightmare to hear negative feedback from past candidates that they have interviewed. Obviously, candidates can often feel rejected should they not be successful which could lead to negativity, however in our experience candidates have found their recruitment experience with a business lacking (i.e. delays in correspondence or unorganised interviews). Recruiters help businesses to effectively organise this process so that candidates have a much better experience throughout. 

  1. You want to include further testing into the recruitment process

Further testing can be a fantastic tool to use to set the great candidates apart from the good ones. Any reputable recruitment company will be able to provide further assessments or skills testing, relevant to a role.

Have you experienced any of our ten signs? If so, get in touch with our expert recruiters today to find out how we can make your recruitment process much more effective.