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Top tips for building a successful team


A successful team is usually behind the success of any business or project. As a manager or business owner, building the right team and fostering a culture of team spirit and support within that team can be the most important aspect of your job.

So how do you approach building a successful team?

Culture and goals

The key here is to understand the company culture and goals as well as the aims of your specific team. Keeping these in mind when building a team, communicating with them effectively and making sure they are understood will help to ensure that everyone is working towards shared goals.

Know your existing team

Working together is important, so when recruiting new team members it is crucial that you consider how everyone will work together. Having different personalities within a team can be a really good thing and can make for a diverse and well-rounded group of employees.

Play to peoples’ strengths

Knowing where strengths lie within a team and making the most of them will improve productivity.  In addition to understanding what individuals are good at it is also really important to understand what makes them tick. People are happier, more committed and dedicated when they are doing what they enjoy.

Learn from one another

A strong team is often one where team members have such a good understanding of how each person’s role works that they can step into one another’s shoes. This isn’t just about understanding the role but also about having an insight into how someone thinks and what they would do in a particular situation or if faced with a specific problem.

Achieving this isn’t always easy and is something that takes time. Allowing a team the time and space to work together as well as encouraging communication, information sharing and mentoring will help. Team building activities can also be a great approach, as can dedicated sessions where people get together to inform other staff about what they are working on or to share ideas are practical ways to encourage informal learning.

Celebrate together

We’ve all heard the expression success breeds success. Celebrating successes is a great way of bringing a team together. Whether they are individual, team or organisation wide achievements, big or small, find a way to acknowledge and celebrate them.